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Finally Worry Free

Are you someone who understands that becoming happier is an inside job – but aren’t sure how to go about it?  You’re in the right place.

Finally Worry Free
Finally Worry Free

Mindset Shift - Daily Printables

Want a pack of daily printables you can download to help you shift your mindset?  You’ll get 7 printables for each day of the week – plus 3 extra bonus sheets.  You’ll spend a few minutes each morning and each night filling them out.  They’ll help you to start shifting your mindset away from things that stress you out and towards the positive.  The three extra bonus sheets are:  Self Love, Affirmations and Gratitude.

Paula Sullivan

Hi, I'm Paula

I’m the author of the book and creator of this website. 

If things like worry, stress and fear seem to always be running in the back of your mind; if you don’t feel worthy enough, capable enough and even lucky enough at times to live a really happy life, I’m here to help

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Finally Worry Free

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Get the tips, tricks and techniques you need to start replacing negative programming.


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A new online group is starting soon.  A fun, safe place to learn together.


Finally Worry Free


Get your own copy of the Finally Worry Free E-Book. 

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The Best Morning Habits to Overcome Anxiety

The Best Morning Habits to Overcome Anxiety

10 Ways to Reprogram Your Mind

10 Ways to Reprogram Your Mind to Become So Much Happier

10 Ways to Practice Gratitude Everyday

10 Ways to Practice Gratitude Everyday to Boost Your Happiness

The weekly coaching group

There’s nothing like being part of a supportive group when you’re working on something new – like starting to really conquer your worry and anxiety. Join us every week as Paula guides the group in a Zoom call? You’ll learn new practices each week – many you’ve never heard of before. Paula will show you ways to sneak them into your days. You’ll get to ask questions and receive feedback and strategies. We’ll celebrate each other’s wins and much more.

Finally Worry Free

Book Testimonials

“I love this book! It is the best self help book I’ve ever read. Paula teaches amazing
visualization techniques that I’ve never heard of before.”

Lucky M.

Newport, RI
Author of the book, Chateau sur Mer and of three children’s books

“I would like to express my great appreciation to Paula for this fascinating book. It has inspired
me to become a happier person. She has taught me to replace my worries with positive,
uplifting thoughts and this has allowed me to live a more peaceful life.”

Kathleen Wood

“I believe that Paula has really hit on something powerful and possibly pioneered the way to
finding true deep and meaningful happiness. Having dealt with depression my whole life, after
reading and putting into practice her ideas, I feel as though I have a whole new lease on life.”

Candice J.

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