Isn’t it time you got the right advice?

A recent Instagram post had ’50 Ways to Beat Anxiety’. The list basically included lots of ways to distract yourself and avoid what’s really going on deep inside. Out of all 50 ways, there was one little suggestion that said, “Try affirmations.”

Try? Try? You try a new smoothie recipe. You try a new pair of skinny jeans. You don’t try something that’s at the core of how we operate.

In her new book Finally Worry Free, Paula will get you down to that core. She’ll show you how to reach the BELIEFS that are causing all your trouble. How do you do that? By learning to speak the language of your subconscious mind.

We learned our ABC’s.
It’s time we learned our AFV’s – the language or our subconscious mind.
A – Affirmations: To change our negative self talk.
F – Feelings: Powerful feelings are the energy we need to overtake our fears.
V – Visualization: To change the fearful images playing constantly.

And this is just the start. There are over 75 simple practices in the book. Many you’ve never seen before. The good news is that they’re not hard. They’re just different. But, they’re really what it takes to begin clearing away your worry and anxiety.

Want to join our weekly Zoom Group Coaching call?

There’s nothing like being part of a supportive group when you’re working on something new – like starting to really conquer your worry and anxiety. Why not join us every week as Paula guides the group in a Zoom call? You’ll learn new practices each week – many you’ve never heard of before. Paula will show you ways to sneak them into your days.
You’ll get to ask questions and receive feedback and strategies.
We’ll celebrate each other’s wins and much more!

I’ve Cracked the Code!

I lived in worry and fear every day of my life since I was a young girl. I knew as a young adult that I needed to dedicate myself to finding out everything I could to get myself better. And 30 years later – I did just that!

I’ve Been Studying for 30 Years

I’ve read hundreds of books on this subject and I continue to read and learn all the time. Everything from ancient teachings, neuroscience, and quantum physics to energy healing, gratitude, and amazing self love.

I Practice What I Preach

Reading only takes a person so far. It was when I began practicing what I was learning that things began to shift for me. Now, practices like: meditation, affirmations, and visualization are just simple parts of my days.

My First Book Simply Being Happy is available here on Amazon.

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