10 Surprising Reasons Why Making New Year’s Resolutions is a Good Thing

New Years Resolutions - Finally Worry Free

Are you wondering if you should even bother making a New Year’s resolution this year? You’re probably happy just to have made it through this unbelievably strange year of 2020. Surviving it was an accomplishment in itself. Am I right?

Then there’s the usual clichés around New Year’s resolutions that we all have fun with. Like how they can last for about two weeks tops.

But, in this article, I’ll give you ten reasons why making New Year’s resolutions and going for them – no matter how long that is – is actually a really good thing.

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The First Reason Why Making New Year’s Resolutions is a Good Thing

The first reason is because anytime you are thinking hopeful, optimistic and empowered thoughts – even if it’s just for a few weeks – that’s a good thing.

We all operate out of the programming in our subconscious minds. Our daily habits, the thoughts we think, the images running in our minds, our outlook, our attitude, our reactions, etc. – all stem from our programming.

The usual analogy is that our programming is like a computer’s programming. Whatever we are constantly inputting into our minds is getting stored – and it’s our operating system. So, even if you were just really optimistic and energized about your goal for a few weeks – that’s a few weeks of some good programming that got stored.

The Second Reason Why Making New Year’s Resolutions is a Good Thing

The second reason is tied closely to our programming above. A big part of our programming is our self talk. We usually don’t even realize it, but we have a running dialogue with ourselves all day long. It’s silent, but it’s there. It’s how our minds operate.

And if you are trying to achieve a goal or make a change that you’ve been trying to for years, your self talk around this subject has been negative. Maybe even all of your life. Our self talk is all based on the beliefs we have deep inside of us.

Do statements like these that you’ve made to yourself sound familiar? “I can’t.” “I’m not good enough to achieve that goal or make that change.” “Other people can, but I’m not deserving.” “I’ve tried, but I’ll never be able to.” And on and on and on?

So, when you decide to make a New Year’s Resolution and try reaching it yet again, your self talk, no doubt, switched to positive at times. That’s a really good thing.

Your self talk might not have sounded like Tony Robbins. You might not have shouted to yourself, “I CAN DOOOO THISSSS!!!!” But, on some level, you told yourself that there’s a possibility, even if it was a small one, that you could accomplish your goal.

One of the best things you can start doing to really begin reaching goals is to get to those core beliefs; find out what they are; and then start turning them around with positive affirmations.

And one of the secrets: Repetition! We have over 60,000 thoughts a day. In an average person, 70% of them running in the back of our minds can be negative. It’s a numbers game. That’s why repetition is so important.

The Third Reason Why Making New Year’s Resolutions is a Good Thing

Let’s stay on the subject of our programming. This leads me to the third reason, which is – during that time when you’re working on your goal, you are installing powerful, positive images into your subconscious mind.

Just like we operate out of our thoughts and the words we are telling ourselves, we also operate out of the images running in the back of our minds. In fact, you can’t go make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch without first seeing it in your mind.

From every move you make and everything you create, to all of your big goals – you picture it all in your mind first.

Think of what worry and fear are. Scary images running in the back of your mind – usually tied to strong negative feelings running through our bodies.

And then there’s the images we all have of ourselves. Do you see yourself as a person who is overweight and always will be? Do you see yourself as a person who is ‘less than’ other people? Your self image is so important. But, it’s so hidden. That’s the problem.

What’s your self image around a goal you haven’t been able to achieve? It’s so worth uncovering this. And then you can start changing it with visualization practices. This is one of the main things I teach.

If you are interested in starting to change your negative images around, you can get a free e-book of my new book Finally Worry Free by clicking this link here.

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So, even if a New Year’s resolution lasts a few weeks, that’s a few weeks that good images are getting installed into a person’s subconscious mind.

The Fourth Reason Why Making New Year’s Resolutions is a Good Thing

The fourth reason is because, no doubt, during that time when a person is still focused on reaching their goal, their energy is raised at times. Such a good thing. Because we are all energy at our core.

And I don’t just mean a person’s energy is raised when they exercise, for example. There’s so much more to our energy than just that. When you are feeling good about yourself or about a goal; when you are feeling confident, grateful, loved, accepting, etc. etc. – this all raises your energy. So, even just thinking about your goal, picturing yourself having reached it, and planning it out – all raises your energy.

It still makes me laugh sometimes when I think of how much I disliked Science class all through school. Now, I can’t get enough of learning about our subconscious minds, our energy, and how we are all tied to the Universe.

We are all vibrating. Everything is. The thing is, most people don’t really think much of this little fact. They think of it more like gravity. Like, “Yea, I know what gravity is. But, I really don’t need to think about it much. It just happens.”

Learning to work with and change your level of energy is nothing short of life-changing!

I could get pretty carried away with this subject right now. There’s so much I want to tell you about. But, I want to keep this article fairly nice and short for you. So, I’ll just say that whenever you are feeling good, optimistic, energized, etc. – that’s what you are creating more of in your life.

The Fifth Reason Why Making New Year’s Resolutions is a Good Thing

The fifth reason is around a subject that I believe really turns some people off. You may even be one of them – and I get it. It has to do with the Law of Attraction. Many people have the impression that the Law of Attraction is some type of cheesy ‘get rich quick’ hoax.

But, the Law of Attraction is just simple science. The negative stereotypes around it have given it a bad rap. It’s actually not about getting rich quick or sitting in a field for hours chanting until money starts raining down.

It’s just the law that basically states that everything, including us, is energy; everything is vibrating; and everything is attracting things of a similar vibration. The old “like attracts like” adage. But, it’s real. And this law is constantly working in our lives.

So, to keep this really simple – you are always attracting situations, circumstances, people, and things into your life that are on the same level as how you are vibrating. If you ever want to know what you are vibrating at, just look around you. What are the results you’re getting in your life? Raising your energy by choosing better thoughts and feelings, raises the frequency you are vibrating at.

The Sixth Reason Why Making New Year’s Resolutions is a Good Thing

The sixth reason is because of the residual effect. Just the simple fact that things linger.

We’ve all taken notice of this at different times. Especially during really good times and really bad times. Think of how the good feelings from a vacation lasts for a few weeks or so even after you’re home. Or at the very least a few days, right? Or how stress, sadness and fear can linger after something really upsetting happens.

Then there’s moods you can’t shake after being with someone who’s so negative. Or times when you can’t get the grin off of your face after you’ve been with someone who makes you laugh.

How about when you listen to a kick-butt inspiring podcast and you’re pumped for a few days after that? Or during the political season when a person gets caught up in all the negativity. (That’s a hard one for me to separate from at times. I just deleted some apps off my phone to help myself with this.)

So based on this residual effect, a person could still have some good confidence in the back of their mind around reaching this goal, even if they’ve officially stopped working on it.

The Seventh Reason Why Making New Year’s Resolutions is a Good Thing

The seventh reason is because a person often does a purging as part of a resolution and that’s always a good thing.

No, not the creepy Purge. More like a cleaning out.

Maybe a person cleared out their closets and cupboards and old clothes to start fresh on that new goal. Maybe someone took up meditation or yoga to start clearing out negative thoughts and energy from their mind and body.

It could be cleaning and organizing desk drawers and files. Or getting rid of old paperwork. On the inside it could be forgiving people and letting go of things in a person’s past. All good things that last way after a New Year’s resolution might have.

The Eighth Reason Why Making New Year’s Resolutions is a Good Thing

The eighth reason is because by deciding to make a New Year’s resolution, you rose above all the cynicism and pessimism that is so prevalent these days. You didn’t give in to it all. You let the naysayers and Negative Nellies do their own thing and you did yours. Separating from the crowd at times is always a good thing.

The Ninth Reason Why Making New Year’s Resolutions is a Good Thing

The ninth reason is because you’ve no doubt learned a little more about that subject. We are lucky these days to have so much information at our fingertips. And you most likely clicked away on your phone or laptop looking for the latest findings. Learning is always a good thing.

The Tenth Reason Why Making New Year’s Resolutions is a Good Thing

The tenth reason is that you inspired your kids or other young kids in your life! So what if you might have let that goal go for now. There’s always tomorrow or the next day or next month to give it another go.

Thanks for reading!


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