10 Ways to Create Your Own New Normal

10 Ways to Create Your Own New Normal

10 Ways to Create Your Own New Normal – In This Time of COVID-19

Life has changed dramatically in many ways for us, since the start of this global pandemic. 

We are dealing with things that most of us have never dealt with before.  From wearing face masks, sanitizing our hands constantly and spending our work and school days on Zoom – to losing neighbors, friends and loved ones in what feels like the blink of an eye.

We definitely have these new normals that we have been getting used to over the past several months.  But, these new normals don’t have to mean that we are stuck.  That we have to live our lives right now in constant fear and worry.  That we have to live with a mindset of criticism and blame and pessimism.

If you are finding yourself stuck in these modes, here are 10 things you can do to break free of these negative mindsets and create your own new normal:

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The first way to create your own new normal is to separate yourself from complainers, blamers, and others who are addicted to negativity. 

Start finding lots of little ways to avoid these conversations.  At work, for instance.  When you’re chit chatting  by the virtual water cooler and the chronic complaining and criticizing starts creeping into the conversation, just smile and nod – but you don’t have to be a part of it.  You can politely, virtually walk away, for example.    

The second way to create your own new normal is to turn off the tv more often – especially the news. 

I heard a funny comparison recently.  It said the news coverage can be compared to going to Disney world and only ever videotaping the toilets.  Funny, but it’s true. 

The news feeds up doom and gloom to us every single day – and we eat it up.  That’s how they make their money – from fear mongering.  The thing is there is so much incredibly good things happening out in the world – even during this scary pandemic.  We just don’t hear about it from the news.

The third way to create your own new normal is to turn off social media at times.  And unfollow negative, critical people. 

10 Ways to Create Your Own New Normal

Even if they are your friends and family.  Your loyalty is with your and your family’s happiness and wellbeing first and foremost. 

The good thing is that there are plenty of really happy, positive people on social media.  Keep getting your fill of these people.  They are great. 

Are you worried that you are going to be left in the dark when it comes to serious issues if you start shutting the tv off and staying off social media?  Don’t worry.  You’ll still be able to find out the important things that you absolutely need to know.

The fourth way to create your own new normal is to learn to be the guardian of your mind and your energy. 

Science proves that our subconscious minds are taking everything in that’s in our environment, even if we are not paying attention to it.  It has no filter as to whether something is good or bad for us.  It just takes it in and stores it all. 

Let me give you a good example.  Do you ever notice all the pharmaceutical commercials on tv, on the radio, in magazines and on social media?  The pharmaceutical companies know this science about our subconscious minds.  And every second of those commercials is designed to work our minds for their monetary gain.  From emotions like comfort and optimism to fear and confusion, those commercials have it all.  And we keep taking them in constantly.  I actually just mute the commercials when I’m watching tv.  

The fifth way to create your own new normal is to meditate. 

10 Ways to Create Your Own New Normal

I can’t say enough about meditation.  It is by far one of the best habits and daily practices you could ever begin. 

And fifteen minutes a day is all you need.  You don’t even have to be good at meditation to start getting its benefits.  The thing is, just like eating healthy and exercise, the benefits compound over time and might not be very apparent in the beginning.  But, stick with it. 

And throw out any serious rules you might have heard about meditation.  Unless you are training to be a monk or trying to reach pure nirvana – just sit in a quiet place, relax your body, slow your breathing, and focus on something simple.  Every time thoughts come in – and they will a lot – you just practice letting them float on by like clouds. 

The best way to get started with meditation is to find some on Youtube.

The sixth way to create your own new normal is to learn the powerful skill of inner awareness. 

Meditation will definitely help with this, by the way.  This means learning to become aware of the beliefs you hold deep inside, as well as becoming aware of the thoughts, images and feelings that are all playing in the background of your days. 

How do you start doing this?  Learning to get quiet without all the distractions of tv and social media really helps.  Then start asking yourself questions during these quiet times.  Like why do I feel this way?  Why does this thing make me upset?  What’s really going on inside?

The seventh way to create your own new normal is to learn to reprogram your subconscious mind. 

10 Ways to Create Your Own New Normal

We live out of our subconscious minds.  All of our beliefs, memories, thoughts, images, feelings and habits are stored there.  And our subconscious minds are 95% more powerful than our conscious minds. 

So, if you want to be happier, if you want to reach a goal, get rid of a fear, gain confidence – whatever it is – your programming in your subconscious mind is where you go to. 

My book Finally Worry Free is all about the simple ways we can reprogram our minds.

The eighth way to create your own new normal is to learn your A,F, V’s. 

Speaking of reprogramming your subconscious mind, here is a simple acronym to remember how.  I like to say that we learned our a,b, c’s in school.  The foundation of our language.  Now, it’s time we learned our a,f,v’s – language of our minds. 

A stands for affirmations.  My book has tons of ways to start using affirmations. 

V is for visualization to change all the negative images running in the back of our minds. 

And F is for Feelings.  Our feelings are more than just reactions.  They are the fuel that powers are thoughts, words and images.  You can learn to use yours in powerful ways.

The ninth way to create your own new normal is to raise your energy. 

10 Ways to Create Your Own New Normal

We are all energy at our core.  Yet, we don’t use this fact to our advantage on a daily basis.  When you learn to intentionally raise your energy, your life gets better. 

Just start doing more of what raises yours.  Walks outside, exercise, good healthy food, dancing, singing, whatever it is.  Do more of that.  It’s so important.  Our level of energy is also attracting to us more of the exact level that we’re on.  

Here’s a funny saying I heard years ago.  The universe is like your mother.  Remember when you were little and you’d be crying for most likely nothing.  So your mother would say, “You want to cry?  I’ll give you something to cry about.”  The universe works the same way.  Are you critical and pessimistic?  Here you go.  The universe keeps serving up more of that in your life.  Are you positive and grateful?  Here you go.  More of that your way.  It sounds cute, but it’s just science.  

The tenth way to create your own new normal is to bump up your gratitude. 

Already grateful for everything you have?  I totally agree with you.  But, just ‘do’ grateful more throughout your days.  Use gratitude like it’s an action verb.  Don’t just be grateful whenever the subject comes up and know that you are so thankful for all you have. 

Instead, sprinkle gratitude in all throughout your days.  Especially during times when you are frustrated, worried or frazzled.  Driving home from work exhausted thinking about all you have to do?  Count the blessings of everything you see out the car window.  The nature, the people, the sky, etc.  Think of the blessings you have waiting for you when you get home, etc.

As Rhonda Byrne says,

“Gratitude is the great multiplier.”

Thanks for reading!


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