10 Ways to Practice Gratitude Everyday to Boost Your Happiness

10 Ways to Practice Gratitude Everyday

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”
Willie Nelson

Has COVID got you down these days? Are things like stress and worry creeping in more and more? There’s a secret weapon we all have – and now’s the perfect time to start using it. Gratitude.

But this isn’t the usual gratitude. It’s more than that. It’s easy for us to know how grateful we are for our families, for instance. We read a beautiful quote online and it inspires us to pause for a few seconds and think of how grateful we are for all that we have. We hear the rising COVID numbers and we realize how lucky we are.

But in order for gratitude to really work in your life, you gotta think of it like it’s a muscle. You have to ‘do’ gratitude – everyday. You have to strengthen that muscle. Because the truth is:

“The more grateful you are – the happier you are.”

Here are 10 ways to practice gratitude everyday:

  1. When you first wake up, before you get out of bed, say ‘thank you’ for what you are grateful for.
  2. The time we’re getting ready in the morning can be flooded with negative thoughts. Blast them out with empowering music combined with gratitude for the day ahead.
  3. When you eat and drink, say ‘thank you’.
  4. It only takes a few seconds, when you step outside in the morning, to breathe in the fresh air and say ‘thank you’ for everything you see.
  5. How many times can you say ‘thank you’ today to your spouse, children, and family members?
  6. Speaking of family, when you’re upset or angry with someone, stop and think of as many things as you can to be grateful for about him/her.
  7. Start turning around an unhealthy relationship with money by saying ‘thank you’ every time it comes and goes.
  8. When painful memories come up from your past, use them as a chance to understand and heal. Being grateful in every way you can for those experiences can help.
  9. We know self love is so important. But, how do we practice it? One way is to start becoming aware of self-criticism. Replace it by thinking of everything you are grateful for about yourself.
  10. Before falling asleep, count your blessings from the day.

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