A Powerful Eckhart Tolle Meditation to Slow Aging

How to Slow Aging with Your Mind

Looking for your own personal Fountain of Youth?

If you were to practice this guided meditation daily as part of your self care routine, it would be more potent than any anti-aging product you could buy.

When you Google ‘how to slow down aging’, you get a list of the usual advice we’ve all heard for a long time. Advice like eating right, exercising, getting enough water, protecting your skin from the sun, and things like these. All great.

And just think of all the choices we have at the stores and online for anti-aging creams and lotions and make-up, etc.

In this blog post, though, we’re going to take a different approach. I’m going to give you an anti-aging secret that’s not based on the latest technology in L’Oreal’s make-up lab. This secret is actually based on ancient knowledge that’s been around for centuries.

It’s centered around the fact that our happiness, including looking and feeling younger, really does start on the inside. More specifically – with our thoughts. Or without our thoughts. I’ll explain.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love all the products and the advice out there. I love watching Youtube videos, for instance, with make-up tricks and hairdos and fun fashion advice. (Do people still say ‘hairdos’?:)

But getting inside – is just so powerful! In fact, that’s what this website is dedicated to showing you. How empowering, yet how easy it is to get inside to start changing the negative programming that’s been blocking your happiness.

This guided meditation that I’m sharing with you is right from Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now. It will guide you in disconnecting with the thoughts streaming through your mind and becoming aware of your inner body. The eternal energy inside of you that we’re all made of.

He says that although our outer body grows old, our inner body doesn’t change with time.

“If you are twenty years old now, the energy field of your inner body will feel just the same when you are eighty. It will be just as vibrantly alive.” Tolle said.

Besides this meditation, you can also start practicing awareness of your inner body in moments throughout your days. It’s about becoming present in the now – what Tolle says is the source of every person’s happiness and wellbeing.

You can do this by getting quiet, disconnecting with your thoughts and then focusing on your body. It doesn’t have to be hard – even if you feel like you’re not good at it. And it isn’t something that is mystical and unattainable.

It can be as easy as just pausing, closing your eyes, listening and feeling your breathing, and sensing the energy inside your body.

Tolle also teaches how to become present in the now by disconnecting with your thoughts and connecting with all of your senses. To pause and see what’s around you, for instance, without judgement or habitual thoughts that we usually attach to everything we are seeing.

When you start becoming more and more present, you’ll be learning how to become free from being trapped in your mind, as Tolle puts it.

And here is the fascinating anti-aging science behind connecting with your inner body. Your physical body will start to feel lighter, clearer and more alive, he explains. The more you place your awareness on your inner body, the more consciousness will be in your physical body – and its molecular structure will actually become less dense.

“When presence becomes your normal mode of consciousness and past and future no longer dominate your attention, you do not accumulate time anymore in your psyche and in the cells of the body.” Tolle said.

He explains that most of us are constantly operating either in the past, like in states of anger and sadness, or in the future, in states like worry, fear, and rushing.

He goes on to explain that living constantly in these states impairs our cells’ capacity for self renewal. So, when we learn to connect with our inner body, the outer body will grow old at a much slower rate.

“ And even when it does, your timeless essence will shine through the outer form, and you will not give the appearance of an old person.” Tolle said.

Before I start with Tolle’s guided meditation, I just want to make one note.

If you are new to guided meditations, some of the wording in this one, as you’ll notice, will be very esoteric. Just don’t let that stop you. You don’t have to fully understand every word or phrase that Tolle is saying.

For instance, phrases like ‘inner being’ and ‘formless realm’ might seem intimidating, but they don’t have to be. Just have a light, easy open mind to meditations like these. You really can’t get it wrong.

Here’s the meditation:

You can listen to it here on Youtube:

Sit on a chair, but keep your back straight, so you will stay alert. He also says you can choose your own favorite position for meditation.

Make sure your body is relaxed.

Close your eyes.

Take a few deep breaths.

Feel yourself breathing into the lower abdomen.

Observe how it expands and contracts slightly with each in and out breath.

Become aware of the entire inner energy field of your body. Don’t think about it. Feel it.

You do this by letting go of any mental images you have of your body and instead, sensing it as a field of energy. This field of energy in the shape of your body, but that also has no boundary.

When you can feel your inner body clearly as a single field of energy, let go, if possible, of any mental image you have of your body.

In this way, you are able to feel the sense of presence or beingness of your inner body without a definitely physical boundary.

Now take your attention even more deeply into that feeling. Become one with it.

Merge with the energy field, so that there is no longer a perceived duality of the observer and the observed. Of you and your body.

The distinction between inner and outer also dissolves now so there is no inner body anymore.

By going deeply into the body, you have transcended the body.

Stay in this realm of pure Being for as long as it feels comfortable. We will do so for another minute or so.

Now become aware again of your physical body. Your breathing and physical senses. And open your eyes.

Look at your surroundings for a few minutes in a meditative way. That is without labeling anything. Continue to feel your inner body as you do so.

Eckhart says that having access like this to the formless realm of ourselves is truly liberating. It frees us in many ways.

It helps us connect with the invisible Source of all things – the Being within all beings, as he puts it.

It is a realm of deep stillness and peace, but also of joy and intense aliveness.

And that’s it.

You can slowly come back to being fully aware of your surroundings.

And have a beautiful day,


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