A Powerful Way to Improve Your Self Worth

What You Need to Know About Self Awareness

“The biggest disease affecting humanity: I’m not enough.”
Marisa Peer

Hoping to increase your net worth in 2021?

The absolute best thing you can do for yourself to achieve this is to increase your SELF WORTH.

But, how do you even begin, right? Read this article to see.

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Author and personal coach to people all over the world, including famous actors and actresses, Marisa Peer, believes that “I am enough.” is the most important belief.

She says the false belief people form when they are young of not being enough in so many ways is the underlying cause of all personal problems.

In her book, I Am Enough: Mark Your Mirror and Change Your Life, she explains how it gets installed in us in different ways during our childhood. After she gets to know them and their stories, all of her clients are given full instructions on how to install this new belief. It becomes the main focus of their overall plan.

In the book, she tells readers to write ‘I am enough.’ on their bathroom mirror with bright red lipstick, so they’ll see it throughout the day. She also has tons of other ideas like this for installing it. Her book is so insightful and she is amazing. If you really want to delve into this,
I highly recommend getting her book on Amazon.

What I like to do with this belief is to add to it. Because I think once we got to school, many of us began the unhealthy habit of comparing ourselves to others and often coming out on the short end of the stick.

This is a great self worth exercise to do to start exploring these beliefs in yourself:

Take out a piece of paper and write: I am not ____________________enough at the top.

Then begin filling in the paper with as many adjectives as you can think of. Remember back when you were in school, as I mentioned above. What memories come up from back then? How did you compare yourself to others? What about labels and names people gave you – and you gave yourself?

All these adjectives and labels are most likely beliefs that you still believe deep inside. Keep going with questions like these:

Do you remember what grades you might have been in?
And what might have been going on in your life?
Can you think of how these beliefs are still operating in your life?

Here’s the next part of this self worth exercise:

Get another piece of paper and FILL IT UP with all the reasons why these beliefs were false back then and are still completely bogus now.

This exercise might seem insignificant – but it’s such an important and empowering one. In fact, once you fill this list out, keep it around, so you can read it often to yourself.

It’s time to start really replacing all the negative beliefs you have about yourself. Because the truth is – this is what is causing any unhappiness you have. It’s not your boss or your job or COVID-19 or etc. etc. etc. IT’S THE BELIEFS YOU HOLD DEEP INSIDE. And all the habits you operate out of based on these beliefs.

Speaking of financial worth, for instance. Do you wish you could become wealthier? But, what you might not realize is that, deep down inside, you believe you are worth a lot less. You might believe you are not worthy of being a wealthy person. You might believe you are not deserving or capable or lucky enough or good looking enough or on and on and on – to become wealthier.

Another thing that is so good to begin doing is to start giving yourself pep talks. I know this sounds corny. But, think of how happy and loved a child feels when he knows he is loved. Think of how he thrives when his parents speak to him with love; when they encourage him; and support him. When they accept him – just the way he is.

Don’t you deserve that same love from yourself?

Just start noticing when the negative beliefs about yourself are operating under the surface. And start noticing when you are criticizing yourself. Start changing this all around.

Also, start installing affirmations that are the opposite of the negative ones. Like:

I am worthy enough!
I am deserving enough!
I am good enough!
I am smart enough!
I am talented enough!
I am capable enough!
I am pretty enough!
I am thin enough!
I am tall enough!

And do you notice that some of these judgements we’ve placed on ourselves are based on bogus societal standards? Like those standards we’ve been sucked into around beauty? Time to let this stuff go!!!

Thanks for reading!


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