Stop Anxious Thoughts with this Powerful Technique

“Let the fresh air in. Time to clear the mind and refresh the soul.”
Jacqueline Cooper

Anxious thoughts can be so scary. They can be like a huge, powerful freight train plowing through. We feel so helpless in those moments. What if we can’t stop it? What will happen to us?

One of the problems is that we’ve given these scary thoughts so much power through the years. We’ve unknowingly allowed them to get bigger and stronger. Yet, at times when we’re feeling calm, we can clearly see that these episodes are just irrational thoughts that get a hold of us.

Why do we fear them so much then? Why have we given them so much power? One of the biggest reasons is because they come from our subconscious mind. And our subconscious mind is 95% more powerful than our conscious mind. Imagine a tiny, little kid standing alongside a huge monster who’s 95% bigger, and he’s trying to rationalize with it.

This is where I come in. I’m all about teaching you how to reach into your subconscious mind to start taming that monster – so to speak. To start replacing scary thoughts and images with beautiful, empowering ones. Your beliefs are hidden deep inside your subconscious mind too. And we literally operate our lives out of our core beliefs. So, I’m also about replacing all the negative beliefs with beautiful ones.

I like to keep things simple, though. So let’s just take one day at a time. What I have for you below is a visualization that can take you a few minutes – yet is so powerful.

But, you have to keep one important thing in mind. Your fears and your scary thoughts were not created in a day. They were formed over years and years and with thousands and thousands of thoughts. So, doing this visualization just once isn’t going to cut it. Make this a daily practice. In fact, you can use it in two ways. One is during times that you are having those scary thoughts. Or should I say right after you’ve had those scary thoughts. Just let that awful train plow right past you. Then take a few minutes to do this exercise.

Then the second way to use this visualization is to make it a new daily practice. Any time of day is fine. And please do yourself a favor and don’t use the excuse that you don’t have time to do this.

Another thing to remember is that your fears are so powerful. What that means is that you’ve given them lots of energy and feeling. So, you need to put that same kind of energy and feeling into this visualization. Just think how strong your imagination is when it thinks up those scary images. You can start using your imagination for you, instead of against you. So, really imagine each step in this visualization. Even if it seems strange at first. It will be so worth it.

Here are the steps:

• Sit in a quiet, comfortable place. (Just don’t wait for the perfect place, though. It’s more important to do this visualization than to put it off until the circumstances around you are just right. Do this in your parked car, if you need to, for instance.)

• Relax your body. I always like to slump my shoulders when I relax my body, because I tend to tense my shoulders naturally. Besides this, a good way to relax your body is to feel as if it’s a huge wet noodle. Real sexy, right? But, it works.

• Take some slow, relaxing breaths. You can breathe in through your nose, hold it for a second or two, and then breathe out slowly through your mouth – making sure to get all the air out. (You don’t need to get technical with relaxing breaths, though. Any way you want to take a few breaths to settle yourself in is fine.)

• Imagine the room you’re in is filled with fresh, cleansing light blue air. If you’re outside, that’s great too. Really imagine this.

• Breathe this cleansing air into your lungs slowly and gently.

• Imagine now that your lungs are carrying this air all throughout your bloodstream and into every cell of your body.

• Imagine this cleansing air is forming tiny suds that are traveling into all your cells. Imagine these suds are using they’re enzyme action to break down and wash away anything you want it to, including all of those anxious thoughts and feelings. Really feel it all throughout your mind and body.

• Imagine these suds are carrying it all out of your cells, through your bloodstream, back into your lungs, and out of your mouth with your breath.

• Keep visualizing this for a few minutes.

• When you’re done, take a few seconds to really feel what it’s like to be cleansed of those negative thoughts. Feel yourself as not only cleansed, but new in a way. Calmer, more at peace, freer, stronger – or anything that resonates with you. Don’t skip this last step. It’s really powerful to keep basking in these moments. They’re all getting installed into your subconscious mind to start overriding that old, scary programming.

How did you do? I’d love to hear from you. Do you have any questions? You can email me at

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