Let me ask you:

  • Does it seem like your unwanted thoughts and feelings follow you around like frenemies you’ll never get rid of?
  • Do you secretly feel you’re not worthy, capable, or even lucky enough to be really happy?

I can relate!

I was a young girl who didn’t feel safe enough at times, loved enough, likable enough, pretty enough, normal enough, deserving enough, and plenty more like this.

Who grew up to be a young woman who was surely happy in lots of ways – but all of those awful, bogus beliefs were still brewing underneath.

So, I made it my personal mission to somehow get myself deep down happy. . .

Paula Sullivan

This has led me through a fascinating personal journey that I’m still on today. Thirty years; hundreds of books; over ten thousand hours of research, guidance, and practice – and still going. . .

And at the core of all this: I’ve learned about the power of our incredible subconscious mind!

I’ve uncovered the innate tools we were all born with that can help us begin reaching in and changing all the negative programming stored there.

All thanks to the amazing teachers I’ve been learning from.

This website is dedicated to teaching you those tools. So, you can begin replacing what’s been holding you back from being really happy inside.

The articles on this website can help you…

  • Become aware of the hidden beliefs and the habits that are really standing in your way.
  • Learn how to begin replacing them with simple practices that reach into your subconscious mind.
  • Incorporate these new practices into your days, so they become natural.

This is Cooper.

I am a grateful wife to my husband Jim of 26 years.  Proud mom to Jimmy, Tara and Christine.  And I can’t leave out my three adorable grand-dogs:  Billy, Joey and Cooper. 

Paula Sullivan

I am a Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner with the Global Sciences Foundation:

Belief Clearing Practitioner

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