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I'm Paula.

Thanks for stopping by!  Take a look around and come back often, because I’m just getting started.

I have so much to share with you. So much fascinating information about how our minds operate.  Lots of simple ways you can start replacing all that negative programming that’s been holding you back from living a really happy life.

You may not even believe it’s possible at this point.  But, I’m going to prove to you that it is.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but that’s ok.  We all have time.  And once you start adding the new practices into your days, little by little, you’ll start seeing the proof you need.   

My goal is to teach you how to begin replacing things like worry, fear and insecurity with inner peace, confidence and self love.

I'm here to help you...

My Story

The funny thing is I never set out to become a happiness author or coach or whatever else I might consider myself to be on this subject.  Blogger, maybe?  It’s all just playing out naturally.  And I’m having fun digging in and seeing where it will take me.

Basically, I’ve been secretly obsessed with this subject my whole life.  I’ve needed to be. 
And I’ve learned so much through the years – I don’t want to keep it to myself.  

I am a grateful wife to my husband Jim for 26 years.  Proud mom to Jimmy, Tara and Christine.  And I can’t forget my three adorable grand-dogs: 
Billy, Joey and Cooper. 

Paula Sullivan
 My first book published in 2017 is titled:
Simply Being Happy – 93 Ways to Replace Worry with Peace and Create a Joyful Life.

It’s available here on Amazon.
Simply Being Happy
shown here at Avenue C Design, Eastleigh Farm - Framingham, MA
I am a Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner with the Global Sciences Foundation:
Paula Sullivan Finally Worry Free

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