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Stop Anxious Thoughts with this Powerful Technique

“Let the fresh air in. Time to clear the mind and refresh the soul.”Jacqueline Cooper Anxious thoughts can be so scary. They can be like a huge, powerful freight train plowing through. We feel so helpless in those moments. What if we can’t stop it? What will happen to us?

Want To Really Begin Replacing Worry and Anxiety? Do This Now!

“Everyone visualizes whether he knows it or not. Visualization is the great secretof success.”Genevieve Behrend Think of the last time you worried. . .Were you aware of what was actually going on in your mind? That it kept replaying scary images and scenes over and over again? And that these scary scenes were tied to […]

The Secret Technique Jennifer Lopez Used to Transform Herself

“The words you use are the instruments, channels, through which the creative energy takes shape.”Genevieve Behrend When Jennifer Lopez was turning 50, she decided to transform herself. She wanted to keep feeling young and powerful, no matter what age she was. In an interview at that time, she said how amazing she felt. She also […]

How to Cheat at Meditation and Still Get Its Benefits

 “Meditation is like multivitamins for your brain. Good to take every day.” Giovanni Dienstmann Meditation, to me, is like brussel sprouts. It’s like, ‘Yea, I know it’s good for me. Thanks anyway. But, I think I’ll pass.’ And just like brussel sprouts, all the amazing benefits of meditation aren’t immediately felt.