Easy Visualization to Help You Relieve Anxiety

Easy Visualization to Help You Relieve Anxiety

“Imagination is the true magic carpet.”
Norman Vincent Peale

Famous minister, radio host, and author Norman Vincent Peale, in his book Positive Imaging, tells a great story of a man who taught himself a unique way to clear his mind of negative thoughts. 

The man had been plagued with all sorts of worries and fears.  He was listening one day to Peale give a talk on his radio show on the importance of emptying the mind of doubts, apprehensions, and negative thoughts. 

Here’s the video that goes along with this post:

Version #1:

At that particular moment, the man was holding a glass of Sprite. He looked at the glass and noticed the bubbles rising up from the bottom, one by one, moving up through the soda, reaching the surface, then breaking and disappearing into nothingness. 

“This analogy struck him so forcibly, he decided to use this image during the day and at night, before falling asleep,” Peale wrote.

The man began regularly visualizing the image of his worries and fears rising up like bubbles from deep inside his mind and breaking into nothingness.

Version #2:

A similar variation that experts have taught is to visualize the top of your head opening up to allow negative thoughts to flow out into the air. During the course of the day, when bothersome thoughts pop up, imagine the top of your head is constantly open to allow them to be released. Remember, you’ve created a habit around these negative thoughts. Create a new habit of letting them go and clearing them out of your body.

Version #3:

Another version of the visualization above is to imagine pulling the fears, anger, hurts, worries, etc. out of your head with your hand when they pop in. Give yourself the idea that you are in control of them now and are physically getting rid of them.

Version #4:

And lastly, this one is for someone who is very tactile, with a strong sense of touch. Give your head an actual massage for a few seconds and while you’re doing this, imagine that old stagnant beliefs or worries that have been stuck in your head are getting loosened up so you can visualize them clearing out.

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