Why You Absolutely Must Start Brainwashing Yourself

“Your mind is like a sponge. What are you allowing it to absorb?”

I was relaxing in the pool yesterday afternoon, soaking up the cool water and the sun’s rays. It was nice on a hot 95 degree August day. On the pool deck was my cell phone playing one of my favorite old albums I had called up on Youtube. A little slice of heaven – except for one little thing.

Because there was something else I was soaking up yesterday. And it’s not so sweet and heavenly. In between every single song on my phone was a commercial that came on for a pharmaceutical company. You know the ones. They seem to play constantly at times. Especially when we’re watching tv. Even in print. Almost every other page in all the women’s magazines are these ads.

The thing is pharmaceutical companies don’t have our best interest in mind. One of the main goals of the commercials is to plant the symptoms of the diseases into our minds. The companies spend gazillions of dollars in research figuring out how to brainwash us for their financial gain.

Their tv commercials look all warm and fuzzy for a lot of not so warm and fuzzy reasons. Like getting us to trust them, for one thing. The ads play over and over again, so that the symptoms keep getting installed into our minds. Even not paying attention to them is not good for us. Because that’s what the companies want us to do. They want us to not pay attention at times. This allows our conscious minds to sort of step aside and let those messages go right to our subconscious minds.

Some of the other concepts they use in these commercials are:

  • Images: Every single word that is said in those commercials and every single image we see is all planting pictures into our subconscious minds.
  • Suggestion: They give our minds and bodies (yes, bodies) suggestions about the diseases.
  • Repetition: All these images and suggestions are getting planted over and over again. Repetition is powerful.
  • Stories: Do you notice there’s always some type of sweet story going on in the commercials? That’s because we all resonate at a deep level with stories.
  • Confusion: There’s always a point in the tv commercials where things get a little confusing. They might quickly switch back and forth to scenes that don’t make any sense. This is a way to get our conscious mind to give up paying attention.
  • Fear: They prey on this emotion in us.
  • Comfort: The tv commercials are kind of like Hallmark movies.
  • Trust: They invoke this in us.

I think the best thing you can do with these commercials is just turn them off when they come on. Muting the tv is a good idea. You are the gate keeper of your mind. Start blocking these kinds of unhealthy suggestions from getting in.

The second point I want to make with all this is to help you realize that brainwashing is not all bad. In fact, you can start brainwashing yourself to become HAPPIER. You can start really planting powerful new beliefs, suggestions, and images into your mind for anything you want to change in yourself. Like worrying less; having less anxiety; less fears; more optimism; more peace; more confidence – anything!

It’s not hard to do and it’s not strange at all either. It’s just learning some simple daily practices that can help you start reaching into your subconscious mind, where your programming is. It’s actually more like ‘washing’ your brain of all the old, negative stuff that has built up through the years.

This is what I’m all about – helping you change your programming. And it’s what my new book Finally Worry Free is about. You can get it here on Amazon. See some of the concepts above? Like repetition and suggestion? Those are some of the same concepts you can use to brainwash yourself for any change you want to see in your life. I can show you how.

Keep checking out my blog posts and my website: finallyworryfree.org.

Thanks for reading!


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