Start Your Day with Guided Morning Questions

Guided Morning Questions

“Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.”
Mark Twain

These Guided Morning Questions are the perfect way to get a fresh start to your day. They’ll help you get into a positive mindset. And they’ll also help you to bring awareness and intention into your day.

Oftentimes we don’t even realize that we’re allowing negative thoughts to plow through our minds all morning. Things like ruminating over something that happened yesterday or even something that happened last month or last year can steal away our otherwise peaceful mornings.

Our minds can also keep dwelling on all the things we have to do in the day ahead. Or we take a glance in the mirror and fritter away this time with self-criticism, for instance.

These habits of letting negative thoughts take over is commonplace for so many of us.

But, you can begin breaking these habits.

You can learn that your negative thoughts are actually not who you really are. You can learn to transcend them with simple practices like these Guided Morning Questions.

Here’s 3 Ways You Can Practice Them:

  • You can read and answer them right here in this post.
  • You can write them in your journal.
  • You can put headphones on and listen to the Youtube video.

Here’s the video below:

Here’s the script below:

Good morning. Welcome to guided morning questions to start your day.

Before we start with the questions, let me tell you a few secrets to this guided session.

One is that you don’t have to be lying or sitting perfectly still to reap its benefits.

You can surely listen to them when you are still, like when you first wake up.

But you can also listen to them as you go about your morning routine. Like when you’re getting ready right after your shower. Or while you’re making breakfast or having your morning walk.

The second thing is a reminder that each day is a fresh start.

Even though we all have things we have to do today, we get to choose our thoughts.

We get to choose what we want to focus on during the day.

We get to choose our outlook and our attitude; how we want to interact with others; how we want to react to circumstances that come up during the day.

And answering these questions is the perfect way to make sure that your thoughts and your outlook are positive, grateful and optimistic – no matter what the day brings.

This morning is like a blank canvas and these questions are the foundation for the beautiful day ahead that you choose to create.

And you don’t have to make answering these questions work at all.

Just have a light, easy, fun attitude about them.

You don’t have to think too hard at coming up with answers.

And when you keep listening to this guided session often, you won’t even have to think of the questions at all.

They’ll automatically come up as you listen to each question.

And the good thing is they are all getting installed into your subconscious mind.

All the words, images and feelings that these questions drum up in you are all sinking into your mind to create new programming.

If you decide to listen to it often, you don’t always have to fully pay attention. Even if this is playing in the background at times, your subconscious mind will still be taking it all in.

Here are the questions:

  1. What is one thing from yesterday I’m grateful for?
  2. Who is one person from yesterday I’m grateful for?
  3. What things in general am I grateful for right now?
  4. Who are the people I’m grateful for right now?
  5. Who can I send love and light to right now?
  6. Who needs extra blessings sent to them right now?
  7. Is there someone from my past or present who I can forgive right now?
  8. Is there someone I can accept right now just exactly as they are?
  9. What can I let go of right now?
  10. Is there anything like anger and blame that I can free myself of?
  11. How can I be a kinder person today?
  12. How can I be a happier person today?
  13. What are my strengths?
  14. What makes me special?
  15. What am I proud of?
  16. How do I want to feel today?
  17. What personal change or goal do I want to work on today?
  18. What empowering affirmation can I repeat often today?
  19. What have I learned about myself recently?
  20. How have I grown as a person?
  21. What is great in my life right now?
  22. What am I looking forward to in the day ahead?
  23. What can I do today to help me reach a goal?
  24. What will achieving this goal mean to me?
  25. What will it look like when I achieve this goal?
  26. What will it feel like when I achieve this goal?
  27. How will I celebrate achieving this goal?
  28. How can I have fun today acting as if I’ve already reached this goal?
  29. What special little ways can I enjoy life today?

Thanks for reading!


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