Take This Quiz to Find Out If You Should Start Meditating

Should I Start Meditating?

Are you wondering whether or not you should start meditating?  Answer these 10 questions to find out:

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  1. Do you lead a stressful life?  But, you currently have no daily practices that help relieve stress?  A note:  Watching tv, surfing the net, and scrolling on social media don’t count as stress-relieving activities.
  1. Are you worried, anxious, tired, afraid, or angry, etc. more often than you care to be?
  1. Are there things in your past you haven’t been able to get over?  
  1. Do you blame your past for current life circumstances you wish were different?
  1. Do you have a daily or almost daily routine like jogging, exercising, taking a walk, or yoga?    A ‘no’ answer means you would benefit from meditating.  One note:  If your routine is something like taking a walk with a friend, where you’re both talking the entire time, this doesn’t count.
  1. Do you practice mindfulness on a daily or almost daily basis, where you work on being present in the moment, for instance?  Or where you practice awareness?  A ‘no’ answer means you would benefit from meditation. 
  1. Do you have a chronic disease?
  1. Are you hoping to become a more peaceful person?
  1. Do you want to evolve and grow as a person?
  1. Have you always assumed you wouldn’t be good at meditation?

If you answered ‘yes’ to many of these questions, then meditating is definitely a regular habit that would be so beneficial to you. 

In fact, there’s no doubt that meditation would benefit just about anybody.

We all know how good regular exercise and eating right is for our bodies. This is what meditation is for our minds.

Look at it another way. We all take showers everyday to clean the outside of our bodies. Meditation is a daily cleaning for the inside.

Do I think every person needs to meditate by sitting pretzel legs for hours chanting?  Absolutely not.  Fifteen minutes of quieting your mind and body every day would be great.  

And some people are already happy for whatever reasons. To me, someone is happy when they are not burdened by unwanted thoughts running through their minds. 

Because, these unwanted thoughts above all else, are the cause of unhappiness. What are examples of unwanted thoughts?  Worrisome thoughts, fear, anger, guilt, criticism, blame, etc.

What’s at the core of all of these unwanted thoughts? Our beliefs hidden deep inside. That’s what this website is all about. Showing you that IT IS POSSIBLE to start changing these beliefs.

Finallyworryfree.org and Finally Worry Free on Youtube here are all about the innate tools we all have that to help us become happier.

You might be saying right now that your unwanted thoughts are caused by outside circumstances.  That it’s your crappy job and measly paycheck – and this awful pandemic – that’s causing your problems.  And I’d say, “Sorry, it’s still your thoughts.”

Life always gives us challenges.  Some people spend their lives hoping and wishing tough times would go away.  Then they’d be happy.  It just doesn’t work like that.  The great spiritual leaders throughout time have told us that everything starts within.

As I write this, I can’t help but include this exception.  My brother and his wife just lost their beautiful son last week.  Sending them love and prayers right now.  

3,000 scientific studies that have been done on the benefits of meditation all say the same thing.  That meditation works.

It improves mental health, physical health, spiritual health, energetic health, relationships, memory – and I can go on and on.

If you’ve ever read or listened to some of the great teachers of our time now, you’ll know how much they believe in meditation.

People like Abraham Hicks, who tells the audience every single time they speak to meditate fifteen minutes a day.

Eckhart Tolle teaches us to separate from our thoughts by either going inward and connecting with our inner self or outward, by using our senses and being in the now.

Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Lipton show us how to create new realities for ourselves by disconnecting with our old thoughts and patterns – and connecting with the universe.

We’re all energy at our core – everything is energy. 

And everything, including each of us, is connected. There is intelligence and energy all around us.  Our bodies are like an electrical conduit and our thoughts are the resistance that blocks energy from coming in.

Meditation is one of the ways we can clear resistance.  It’s like it opens up the channels, so to speak.

Then there’s the neuroscience around meditation.  How it helps produce the feel good chemical dopamine. We’ve all heard how this chemical flushes out the fight or flight chemicals that flood our bodies when we’re stressed.

This helps rewire our brains permanently by changing the neural pathway connections.

Or how meditation takes our brainwaves into healthy states like alpha during regular meditation and theta during deep meditation. There’s fascinating studies done on these states and how they contribute to our happiness.

But, you don’t have to take my very unscientific word for it. 

Here are 5 authorities and their findings on why meditation is a good practice to start:

The American Journal of Psychiatry wrote in this article about the benefits of a meditation based program for the treatment of anxiety disorders.

An article in the Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine reported on a study that showed meditation can boost immunity and resilience to stress.

Medical News Today reported findings of a study that showed meditation can reduce inflammation.

Science Daily covered a study on how meditation can enhance empathy towards others.

A study published by the American Psychological Association showed meditation can reduce social isolation.

If you’re convinced to start meditating but aren’t even sure where to begin, here’s a great article I wrote on getting started:

Here’s the video version of the article:

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