How to Supercharge Your Vision Board

“Your life is what you’ve pictured it to be.”

You’ve gathered the magazines; the glue; the scissors; the card stock – and a nice glass of wine. Over the next few hours, you’ve cut and glued (and sipped your wine) until your table is covered in scraps and your fingers are covered in glue. Now, you’re looking at your finished work – colorful, creative pages. Fun interpretations of your goals and dreams – ready to place onto your bulletin board.

You’re finally done!

Actually, you’ve just begun.

Because creating your vision board is just the start. The real fun begins when you start using it along with the most powerful tool we’ve all been given. Your imagination.

The secret to vision boards isn’t to just stick them onto your wall and look at them everyday. And then say to yourself, ‘Gee, wouldn’t it be nice to be in that dream job someday.’ Or that dream house or on that dream vacation. Instead, the way to use your vision board is that while you’re looking at it, imagine you are actually in that dream job. Really put yourself there. Feel what it’s like. Use all of your senses and picture all the details.

The other thing about vision boards is to make sure to include not just the material things you want. (Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with filling it up with material things. You are not a selfish, money grubbing person for wanting nice things.) But, remember to fill it with images and words of qualities you want to embody. Do you want that dream job? What qualities and skills does a person with that position have? Who do you need to become to be in that dream job? While you’re working on these qualities and skills on the outside, use your imagination to FEEL what it’s like having them on the inside.

“Feeling is the secret.”
Neville Goddard


Many people feel a sense of disloyalty when they talk about changing things about themselves. Like, ‘Shouldn’t I be happy with myself just the way I am?’ But, wanting to grow as a person, or change things about yourself, does not mean you don’t love and accept yourself. Just like everything in nature, we are all meant to grow and evolve. Self love is so important. I talk a lot about ways you can develop it in my new book Finally Worry Free. But, you can definitely love and accept yourself and still be excited to grow as a person. In fact, the more you do love yourself, the more you’ll be excited to go for your goals.

So, if you want to gain more confidence, for example, fill your vision board with pictures of people who emulate this quality. How about self love? Same thing. Who embodies this? Oprah? Maya Angelou? J.Lo?

Do you really want to start becoming more confident? I have lots of practices in my book that you can start doing. And you can add this routine as well: A few times a day, sit down in front of your vision board, take a few slow breaths, relax your body, begin looking at the pictures the mean confidence to you, and then feel as if you have that quality in your entire body. Feel it in every cell.

Want to take it up a notch? Start picturing and feeling yourself walking down the street like you’re in a Beyonce music video. Imagine you’re at work with this new confidence; imagine you’re at home with this new confidence; imagine you’re getting milk at the store for your kids with this new confidence. Imagine that when stressful, worrisome thoughts start overcoming you, you just flick them off of your shoulder like little specks of dust in that sexy way Beyonce would.

Have fun with it. And don’t worry. You don’t have to start strutting around like a pop singer in high heels to become a more confident person. Unless you’ve always wanted to start strutting yourself. You can just be you. Your beautiful self, using your God given tools to have some fun with your imagination and go for your goals.

Are you thinking you won’t have enough time for this? No worries. This vision board
visualization can take you just a few minutes, or even a few seconds, each time. Then, what happens is the power of anchoring starts taking over. When you do this visualization really strong a bunch of times, what’s going to happen is your subconscious mind will start storing all those new thoughts, images, and feelings. Then every time you look at your vision board, they’ll get automatically triggered and all those thoughts, images, and feelings will come flooding in. And you’re back in that music video – installing confidence, little by little each day. This is how real reprogramming of your mind takes place.

Want more fun visualizations and practices like this? Check out my new book here on Amazon.

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