The Spiritual Purge 2021: A Fresh Start to the New Year

The Spiritual Purge 2021

The Purge is quite the cultural phenomenon – especially these days.  Tik Tok is filled with videos of people telling who they’d come for if The Purge was really happening. 

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Have you personally had enough fictional violence and anarchy?  Have you gotten your fill of existential fantasy and doom and gloom?  Especially in the strange 2020 we’ve all be living?  I know we’re not out of the clear yet with COVID-19.  But, many people are ready to leave this all behind them.

But, are you still new to this whole esoteric movement that’s growing?  The idea that each of us is so much more than what we all see on the outside?  That we’re actually all energetic beings at our core?  And that we can start tending to this part of ourselves?

In The Purge, the characters start taking care of unfinished business – to put it nicely.  Or they are the ones who are protecting themselves from the people who are.  And we all know the type of gory social cleansing that it resulted in.

Let’s just get those images out of our minds right now.  Because, in this guided meditation, we’re going to perform a different type of cleansing.  This meditation will help cleanse your energy and release heavy, negative thoughts and emotions that might possibly have been weighing you down for years.  

You’ll spiritually take care of unfinished business with others.  But, it will be in states like:  Love, Kindness, Compassion, and Forgiveness.

And if you are more of a practical person, more down to earth, so to speak – this guided meditation will still be perfect for you.

Because, science just keeps proving over and over again that meditations like these are so good for our minds and bodies.  We know that meditation improves things like blood flow, focus, oxygen to our cells, better heart and breathing rate.  But, there is so much more than this.

Think of how it increases dopamine to our brain to help offset the effects of long term stress, for instance. Or how it actually rewires our neural networks.  Even more are fascinating studies on practices like forgiveness and how it actually helps improve our mindset and health as well.

So, however you want to approach this guided meditation, the best advice is to just relax, settle in, and keep an open mind and an open heart.

Enjoy The Spiritual Purge 2021!


Below is the text version of THE SPIRITUAL PURGE 2021 guided meditation


You are about to start this guided meditation – The Spiritual Purge 2021.

As we gladly say goodbye to the year 2020, we can begin this new year with a fresh blank slate.

By participating in this meditation, you are helping yourself do just that.

It will help cleanse your mind, body and spirit of blocked energy that may have been weighing you down for years.

On a spiritual level, you will free yourself from things like anger, pain and regret.

In their place will be room for things like love, kindness, joy and peace.

This meditation will help raise your energy, cleanse unwanted thoughts and open your heart.

In a small, but significant way, you’ll also be helping to raise the energy of the entire planet.

Because at our core, we are all energy and we are all connected.  So in lifting yourself up this way, you can’t help but affect others.

The Spiritual Purge 2021

Before we start this meditation, here is a beautiful quote by Syed Balkhi to remember in the new year:

He said:  Happiness is the new rich.

               Inner Peace is the new success.

               Health is the new wealth.

               Kindness is the new cool.

A note before we start is that If you are new to meditation, there’s no need to be intimidated.  It is not rigid and difficult to do, as it may seem.  In fact, it’s the complete opposite.  Meditation in its simplest form is just relaxing the body and quieting the mind.   And with guided meditations, as the title states, you’ll be gently guided through.

Let’s begin.

Sit in a quiet spot.

Close your eyes.

Slow your breathing.

Relax your body by gently dropping your shoulders and softening each part of your body starting from your head; your face; your jaw; neck; arms; chest and back; abdomen; sitting area; legs; and feet.

Now take a slow breath in, letting the air fill your stomach as if it were a balloon.

Slowly exhale through your mouth, letting all the air out.

Pause for a moment.  And then repeat another slow breath.

Then one more slow breath.

Now let your body breathe normally.

The Spiritual Purge 2021

Use your imagination right now and fantasize that the world has no boundaries today.

There are no limits to time and space.

It is a free, magical day.

You’ll now be guided by questions to answer.  

No need to work hard on the answers.  

Just continue to relax and let the answers come to you.   

Each question starts with the word “Who”.  

As you think about the answer for a few seconds, remember today is a magical day.  The person who comes to mind can be a person who is present in your life now; they can be long since passed away; or even someone from your past that you may wonder about to this day.  They could be someone you know, a familiar acquaintance, or even a complete stranger.  

Let your imagination and your intuition do the work for you.

Here we go:.

Who would you forgive today?  (Pause)  Tell this person you forgive them now.

Who would you thank today that you never got the chance to?  (Pause)  Thank this person now.

Who would you apologize to that you never got the chance to?  (Pause)  Apologize to this person now.

Who would you comfort in some way?  (Pause)  Comfort this person now.

Who would you give a hug to that really needs one right now?  (Pause)  Give that hug to this person now.

Who would you finally understand?  (Pause)  Let this person know you understand them now.

Who would you make amends with?  (Pause)  Make amends with this person now.

Who would you tell that everything is going to be ok?  (Pause)  Tell them this now.

Who would you tell how much they meant to you?  (Pause)  Tell them how much they meant to you now.

Who would you listen to with an open heart?  (Pause)  Listen to them now.

Who would you love exactly as they are?  (Pause)  Love him or her in this unconditional way now.

Who would you welcome into your home?  (Pause)  Welcome them in now.

Who would you share your possessions with?  (Pause)  Share them with this person now.

Who would you share a meal with?  (Pause)  Share this meal now with them.

Who would you give the gift of health to?  (Pause)  Give this gift of health to them now.

Who would you share a laugh with?  (Pause)  Share that laugh now with this person..

Who would you let back into your life?  (Pause)  Let this person back in now.

Who would you say, “I love you.” to?  (Pause)  Tell this person you love them now.

Who would you enjoy reminiscing with?  (Pause)  Reminisce with them now.

Who would you have a good laugh and a good cry with?  (Pause)  Have this laugh and cry with them now.

Who would you grieve with and help through their sadness?  (Pause)  Do this now for him or her now.

Who would you compliment that you have criticized in the past?  (Pause)  Give that compliment to them now.

Who would you be kind to that you might not have shown kindness to in the past?  (Pause)  Show kindness to this person now.

Who would you love, not hate?  (Pause)  Give this person love now.

Who would you give hope and encouragement to?  (Pause)  Give this person hope and encouragement now.

Who would you buy the perfect gift for?  (Pause)  Give that perfect gift to them now.

Who would you allow back into your life?  (Pause)  Allow them back in now.

Who would you let go of, who you’ve been holding onto too tightly?  (Pause)  Let go of them now.

The Spiritual Purge 2021

Before you end this meditation, become aware of the feelings that are filling your mind, body and spirit right now.  

Bask in the feelings you might have right now of lightness and newness.

Let these feelings saturate your mind.

Let them permeate every cell of your entire body.

Become aware of the gratitude you may be feeling in this moment.

Let this gratitude wash over you like a soft breeze.

And lastly, remember that miracles happen all around us every day.

As you start this new year, begin to see them, to be awakened to them, to know that you are also a part of them.

When you are ready, slowly become aware of the room you’re in and open your eyes.

Thank you for reading and listening!

Here’s to a bright, beautiful new year,


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